Do you sometimes find yourself helpless…

…because you are trying to help someone, but there seems to be no effect at all? Or you might really care for them, but they won’t listen to you, or will not talk to you?

You see them hurting, you see them breaking apart, you see their lives getting ruined, but your words or efforts just do not get through to them?

There are times when all we can do is pray and hope for the best. However, apart from praying, you can also do a few other things:

  1. If they are totally not receptive to your words/efforts, let go of trying to approach them directly.
  2. Talk to their Higher Selves or their Guardian Angels. Trust me, this works very often. This is how you do it – Close your eyes, and call upon their Higher Self or Guardian Angel and say something like this, “Please help [name of the person]. They are hurting. Please help them in a way that their life is back on track, and they are truly happy, healthy, and successful. Please help them feel loved and supported through this process. Thank you.” The angels will not intervene unless we ask them to intervene.
  3. Visualize them in your mind, and send them pink light. Surround them in pink light. Pink light is the color of Divine Love. Ask Divine Love to surround them, and help them. Once you have them in a bubble of Pink Light/Divine Love, imagine them happy, and their problem resolved.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Much love,

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