IMPORTANT: This is a general reading. Many many many people read this, so everything cannot resonate with everyone. Take what resonates, and let go of what does not. The best way always is to get a personalized reading. You can ask an Angel Reader to do a reading for you, OR even better – learn to do the readings yourself. Form your own connection to your Angels and to your intuition/your inner voice.

Hello! 😀 How has last week been? Kind of up and down? Write to me below how you have been, and don’t forget to write three things you are grateful for. This exercise works best if you write at least 3 things every day. That begins to change the tide around in our lives. 🙂

Let’s begin.

GENERAL ENERGY OF THE WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly)

ANGEL ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO TO BE HAPPY (click on each card to see it clearly)

When I see the 3 cards about the general energy, I feel there is a group of people who need this particular specific interpretation of the cards below. After doing the specific interpretation for this group of people who need to hear this message, I will go on to interpret them for a more general wider base.

This particular group of people is dealing with a heart connection, most likely a romantic one. And they are being adviced by the angels to take a good look at their relationship. Is there equal involvement and feelings on both sides? Or are you over giving? If you are overgiving anything, and feel like you are the only one working for this relationship – either in feelings, or trying to keep you both together, or anything else, if there isn’t enough reciprocity, you should re-think this relationship. Think about it carefully — is it going anywhere? This message is not for most people. There is a specific group that needed to read this.

On to a more general read: This week the focus on heart-related topics continues from last week. Either this is a close relationship (romantic, family, friends, colleague), or this is a project or job that is very close to your heart. You need to bring your attention to it more, and if there are tensions that you can sort, do so now. If there are any misunderstandings, please talk about it and fix this. If you have been too busy with other things, and not paying attention to this relationship or project, then make sure you bring your focus back. If you have been ignoring this, you will be the one who will be sad in the long run because there is a chance of a missed opportunity.

There is a good chance of money coming in for many of you. You are also asked to be generous in giving to others. You might be in a place to help another, and this will feel very fulfilling to you. This help does not need to be financial. It could be your emotional support, your presence, your attention, your advice. Just make sure you give them what they truly need to feel empowered. Or you might be the recipient of such a gift or help from another. You might also receive grants, scholarships, loans or funds for projects or further training. Some might be getting raises or promotions too,

Towards the end of the week, you might feel a pause in life. This is nothing bad. This is just the pause that one comes to after putting in the hard work. One phase of your life or project or relationship is over. And quite successfully so for many. If you are feeling sad about something coming to an end, please remind yourself that something new will begin soon. And if you have been working really hard at something, it is time to review your work and make further plans. The seeds that you have planted will take some time to show results. So if you feel nothing is happening, don’t worry, success will come. For now pause, reflect, make new plans and do not give up.


1. Try not to feel sad about something coming to an end, because something new and beautiful awaits you.

2. Ask Archangel Michael to help you this week with your life purpose, relationships & career issues.

3. Take time to quieten your mind and talk to God, your angels, your Inner Voice. Many will be receiving great insights from the Divine.

4. If you are thinking of further education or training, take it up. It will help you.

5. Learn something new or adopt a new hobby.

6. You might need to be patient with a young person in your life who seems to be taking forever in decision making or in moving forward.

7. If you have been procrastinating on an important decision or project, end that delay now, and make a decision. Get to work. For some, this is a decision of choosing between 2 relationships. If that is the case, please follow your heart’s guidance, and make a decision already. What or who brings you true joy?

8. Make time to enjoy with family and friends.

9. Spend some time at the beach if you can.

10. If the opportunity to travel for pleasure arises, do think about it. It might just be the thing you need to get new energy.

11. Do acknowledge the people who love you and support you. Make them feel appreciated.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to write to me below how you have been, and don’t forget to write 3 things you are grateful for each day. When the gratitude practice is done on a daily basis, our lives change for the better.

Much love,

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