IMPORTANT: This is a general reading. Many many many people read this, so everything cannot resonate with everyone. Take what resonates, and let go of what does not. The best way always is to get a personalized reading. You can ask an Angel Reader to do a reading for you, OR even better – learn to do the readings yourself. Form your own connection to your Angels and to your intuition/your inner voice.

Hello beautiful people!
How has your week been? We are getting to the end of this year. Time is passing so fast. I feel like 2018 only just began. Do let me know below in comments how life has been for you.

GENERAL ENERGY OF THE WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly)

ANGEL ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO TO BE HAPPY (click on each card to see it clearly)


This week seems to bring our focus back to our work, to further training and learning. And I’d think that is kind of strange because I feel like just relaxing and enjoying myself during the holiday season. Lucky for me, my work IS fun. 😀

Which brings me to the question: Is your work fun for you? Do you love doing what you are doing? In this reading, I will begin with addressing the last card first. The last card is talking about many of us feeling as if we are stuck in a situation. A situation that we do not really enjoy.

Now this situation could be your work or a relationship. In either case, the angels are telling us that in reality we are not really stuck. We can be free of this situation if we wish to.

If this is a work-related situation, the first card talks about asking yourself the questions:

What do I really want to do? Is it something totally different from what I am doing? Or do I want to progress in this same work, but I need more training to advance in this path?

Whether it is a new career you want, or you need further training in the same career, this is a great time to learn, train, go back to school. If you have been wondering about this, take this chance to learn. This will help you a lot.

Also, there is a good chance for an exciting new opportunity that might come up for you suddenly. You might feel like you are not qualified, but trust yourself, you are. When opportunity knocks, do open that door. It might just be the thing you needed to come out of stagnation. It will be an exciting opportunity but do make sure that all contracts and details are looking good. We are in Mercury Retrograde, and the second card can sometimes mean short-term excitement. So make sure that all the details look good before you sign anything. Basically, all we need to do is be a little more careful, a little more attentive to details. In general, this card signifies exciting new opportunities & messages.

If this is a relationship situation, again, it feels hard to let go, but if this is making you and the other person unhappy, you might have to re-think. Sometimes adding fun to your life is all you need to re-ignite the passion in your life. And sometimes, letting go is what is needed. What you need to realize is, you are not stuck, even if it feels that way. You can bring about a change if you want to.

A new relationship might come your way. But if you are looking for a long-term commitment, be sure to ask this person many questions. Do they share the same long-term goals as you? They might be really very attractive, and a lot of fun! But do ask questions if you want a committed relationship.


  1. If there are unfinished projects, complete them.
  2. If you really really love someone and want them in your life, tell them. LOL!
  3. Balance your emotions. Be careful about not reacting in an overly emotional way.
  4. Socialize, meet people, have fun!
  5. If you don’t like something about your life, if you don’t feel passionate about your life, now is the time to work on changing things.

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Have a beautiful week!

Much love,

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