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Happy December peeps!! I can’t believe we’re in the last month of this year already. Didn’t we just start 2018? 😀 Please tell me below in comments how 2018 has been for you, and what you hope for in 2019.

This week looks amazing. Despite the Mercury Retrograde, this week has the potential to be a very happy week for us. It is all about the heart, and topics that gladden our hearts. Looks like we are in for a happy time. 😀

GENERAL ENERGY OF THE WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly)


ANGEL ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO TO BE HAPPY (click on each card to see it clearly)

So just last week the focus was more on career, life path, business etc, and this week it seems to have flipped powerfully to matters of the heart. I usually see a theme in energy continue for a while before it changes. But this week, the theme is LOVE in its myriad forms. Love in relationships…or love of the work you do. Whatever the object of your attention, is, the subject is Love.

Take a look at the first row of cards. There is the King of Cups (Raphael) himself starting the topic. For some of you who are currently focused on relationships, there is someone, most likely a masculine energy, who really really loves you, but is unable to express himself/herself. He/She cannot tell you completely and honestly about the depth of their love for you. This connection is very spiritual in nature. You have a strong soul connection. When I say masculine energy, I don’t necessarily mean “men”. Many women too run a masculine energy in many ways. I am talking about the energy of the person. Not which sex the person is. This person is very dependable, honorable, and a humanitarian. They are respected by those around them.

So this person will make a romantic gesture finally. You might not still know the depth of their feelings because they tend to keep their innermost feelings to themselves. And they probably loved you much before you realized that they were even paying attention to you. Finally, now they will be romantic. Sweep you off your feet. A time to fall in love.

The third card often signifies balancing of the two energies – the yin and the yang. Most likely the person you are dealing with is your twin flame or a strong soulmate.

If this person has not made an appearance in your life so far, they will soon be there. So hold on to your heart. You’re in for a romantic time.

For those who are already in a stable relationship, this signifies a rekindling of romance. Enjoy the bliss of romance this week!!

Now to come to the other topic that makes our hearts flutter — our careers and life path. If we are on the correct path, our career is no less than a passionate, romantic love affair.

So for those of you who are focused on your career, good news is here, or on the way.

Follow the guidance of this question: What are you passionate about? If you are not already doing it, start the groundwork, because if you do, this new year will be fabulous where your work is concerned. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm. You will be in love with your work.

If you have been wanting to do something creative for work, the angels are telling you that now is a good time. Follow your dreams to walk the creative/artistic path. You might get an opportunity to make this your career.

However, no matter what the situation — person or career, make sure that while your heart soars in the clouds of creativity, romance, and imagination, you keep your feet firmly planted on Terra! 🙂 Stay very grounded.

Be patient and forgiving with yourself, with people, and with situations. I do not mean that if someone is treating you badly you go and keep trying to win them back. Absolutely not. If you do that you are not respecting yourself, and your neediness of them will make the situation worse. Let them go. But forgive so that YOU can live in peace. You don’t need to carry that baggage. Let them go. When you do so, you will balance and heal your energy and your life. In fact, letting go, forgiving, and moving on with your life might even bring about a reconciliation. There could be some really creative solutions that might come to solve problems – whether they are relationship-related or work-related.

Whatever plans you make, do not go into an extreme path. Stay on the path of moderation. That will bring you more success.

Do listen to the ideas & suggestions others give you. It might bring in some valuable input for you.


1. Forgive, let go, and move forward with your life. Remaining stuck on people who have moved away from you, or situations that do not serve you will not be a good idea. But DO forgive so it doesn’t hurt you. And if YOU were the person to push the other person away, it will only serve you well if you give the other person a chance to talk. Talk it out. Maybe this was all a misunderstanding. If you can clear it, you will feel a lot happier. After all, the theme of the week is LOVE. BUT…but…if they are being jerks to you, forgive, let them go in peace, and you move forward because much joy awaits you once you let go of what is now of no use in your life.

2. Do not dwell on negative thoughts or emotions. I mean, we are humans, and we specialize in doing Ph.D. level research on our negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. It’s just part of human nature. It is inbuilt. BUT….we are souls even before we are human. Correct? So channel your true inner selves. The Sun (first card) represents our Soul – what is Divine in us. Be your Divine Selves. Here is a meditation that I had recorded to BE YOUR HIGHER SELF. Try it and see how you feel. At this time, I feel that connecting to our Divine Nature is of utmost importance because a shift is happening in this world, and in our personal lives. We will do well if instead of connecting to our lower nature, we connect more to our Divine Selves. In fact, I will post the video below for you all. The more regularly you practice it, the more changes you will see in your lives. Try it and see for yourself.

3. The second card says what I said in the first point. Let go of what is not serving you well. Hanging on to a bad situation or people who do not want you is not going to help you. A bad/stressful situation you were facing is now over. So do not hang on to it. Let go. Move on with your life. Great stuff waits for you.

4. The third card is asking you to seriously focus on what you are passionate about. Our lives are changing drastically. So make sure this change is towards what you are passionate about. If you are not sure you know what you are passionate about, then take this week to do some inner reflection, and see what is it you absolutely LOVE.

And here is the HIGHERSELF-meditation I mentioned in point #2 above. Let me know in the comments under the video or here how you felt when you did this meditation. It is a powerful meditation, and capable of changing things for the better because you will be operating as your Higher Self, instead of your ego-self. Magic starts to happen in our lives when we are our Divine Selves.

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Have a beautiful week!

Much love,

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