This is what you don’t do.

Don’t let this world make you bitter.
Don’t let the actions of other people turn you cold on the inside.
Certain things happen that hurt us, people come that leave us,
and most of all there are moments when you’re bound to fall.
Don’t let those things make you unkind.
It’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to be sad.
But it’s never okay to do other people wrong
just because you were done wrong.
We’re human.
We break.
We make mistakes.
But don’t let pain and sadness run your lives.
Wake up in the morning and do what you think is right.
There are moments in your life where you feel like giving up
and you can’t take it anymore.
It’s okay.
I know you’re weak.
But the things that show your weak side
are also the same ones that make you stronger in the long run.
It’s all about taking whatever life throws at you and learning from it.
~ Joy of Mom

Sometimes we all need a little help. If you feel you cannot go on anymore, for any reason, please talk to someone you trust. If you feel you have no one, you can message me.

If you are struggling today, I pray that from tomorrow you will see a change in your fortunes, everything will start to sort out, and your life will be filled with love, joy, and harmony.

Much love,

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