Don’t allow the negative things in your life to discount the positive ones…

Don’t allow the negative things in your life to discount the positive ones. Don’t let a bad day or month or year make you feel like you have a bad life. Instead of focusing on everything that’s going wrong, start holding onto all of the things that are going right.

You may be struggling, but there is still so much to keep fighting for — there is still so much more to life than this pain. And if you keep picking yourself back up and pushing forward, no matter how difficult things are, you will discover it.

Maybe not tomorrow or next week or a year from now, but someday soon, things will get better. Someday soon, you will find freedom from this darkness. And when you do, you’ll look back on these days and wonder how you could have doubted your resilience.

You’ll look back and marvel at how something as small as refusing to give up could transform your life in such a substantial way. — Daniell Koepke

How do we bring about changes in our lives?

Sure we can hope that things will change, or we can take charge of our lives.

You and I are both parts of that Divine Force we call God/Universe/whatever other names you have. We have the power within us to change what we don’t like.

One of the most powerful tools you have with you is the power of your subconscious mind.

What your conscious mind tells your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind believes. So be VERY careful about what you speak, what you believe, what you think. Your subconscious mind powerfully creates what it believes.

Let’s experiment…

What are some of the things you want to change in your life? Make a list, and then pick one. Let’s do this experiment. Are you game? I hope you are.

Let’s say you picked a relationship to change. Supposed X has been very unhelpful to you. And you want X to be helpful. How do you normally deal with it? You might keep thinking about all the ways X is unhelpful, and you might tell others how X is unhelpful. You might play in your mind all the ways X has disappointed you. When you go to bed, you might go to sleep thinking X has been very unhelpful…and you might even imagine giving a piece of your mind to X.

This is not just you. This is how most of us react. And THIS is where we go wrong. Because we are powerful beings. We are powerfully affirming X is unhelpful. And X will unconsciously respond to that, and continue being unhelpful.

Let’s change that.

Each time you catch yourself dwelling in the thoughts of – “X is unhelpful”, change that to, “X is VERY helpful to me. We get along well”. Refuse to think or speak what you do not want to experience. At night, as you go to sleep, repeat to yourself in your mind, “Wow…X is so helpful to me now…I love our interactions”. Go to sleep while repeating this in your mind instead of imagining how unhelpful X is.

You will notice in the coming days that X is becoming more and more helpful.

So pick something you wish to change in your life, and be the powerful being you are. Use this tool to change this in your life. I would LOVE to hear your stories.

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