Parents often complain that their little ones are having a hard time sleeping. This article gives two ways you can help your child sleep, depending on what the problem is.

The kids could be having trouble sleeping because they are feeling too hyper, or they might be getting scared.


Children are great at visualizing. So as your child lies in bed, ask your child to focus on their breath like I showed in this blog post: . After about 3 minutes, ask your child to imagine blue light entering their body through the top of their head, and filling their body. Ask them to keep doing this each time they breathe in, so that finally their body is filled with blue light. Then ask them to continue doing that, till the blue light starts to surrounds them, and then they are in a bubble of blue light. Keep talking to them about filling their bodies with blue light…and keep talking in a slow, soft, monotonous voice. They will soon start to feel sleepy, and drift off.

Blue light is very soothing and calming, and helps people sleep. In fact you try this too. :).



If your children feels scared at night when they have to sleep, ask them to call upon Archangel Michael, or their guardian angels. Tell them we all have angels to protect us, and nothing bad can happen to us when they are with us.

I had read about a child who was told “Call on Archangel Michael” because she was scared to sleep in her room. She did not really know who Archangel Michael was, or what he looked like. But her parents asked her to call upon him, so she did. And after that the parents noticed that she had stopped complaining about sleeping in her room.

The mother asked her child one day if she still felt scared, but the child said, “No, you had asked me to call Archangel Michael, so I did. And now he sits by my bed every night as I sleep”. The mother asked her, “What does he look like?”. The child replied, “He is very tall, has a very kind face, has huge wings, and carries a sword with him”. No one had ever told the child about Archangel Michael carrying a sword, so this left her mother speechless!

Unfortunately I do not remember where I read this…probably in one of Doreen Virtue’s books? Do you have any stories to share about your children seeing angels? Children often are able to see them. Ask them. 🙂 You might be speechless too. And then share your stories here. I would love to read them!

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