Usui Reiki Workshop | Advanced Reiki Training


These workshops are taught in Bay Area, California. I have been trained by various Reiki Masters, including William Lee Rand.

If you wish to learn Usui Reiki level 3 from me, please click the Inquire button below and we can organise dates.



Advanced Reiki Training (ART):

(Including class, William Rand’s manual, & certificate)

1. Registration
2. Smudging
3. Introductions, opening meditation, voice toning
4. Explanation of what is in the class, and what is from, Usui system, and what comes from ICRT.
5. Using crystals and stones with Reiki. Using a single crytal. Making a Reiki grid.
6. Usui Master symbol
7. Break for memorizing the symbol
8. Test on symbol
9. Explanation of how an attunement works.
10. ART attunement, sharing and writing of experiences
11. Practice healing with the symbol
12. Moving meditation
13. Meet your Reiki Guides meditation, sharing and writing of experiences
14. Reiki meditation
15. Reiki Aura Clearing (psychic surgery), practice with partners
16. Closing meditation



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