Intuition Development

I am starting a series on Intuition Development because my intuition makes life easier. I notice this about others too – people who listen to their intuition seem to make better decisions, feel more peaceful, and happier.

I am going to be making short blog posts in these series. Each post will describe one benefit of being intuitive, and one way to improve your intuition. I hope you enjoy this series and benefit from it. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

Intuition 1(This poster on the left is what I posted on my Facebook)


Most of us are used to employing only the reasoning side of our brains – the left brain. And reasoning & logic are very important, but my point is why use only half our brains? Our intuitive side is in touch with a much greater wisdom, and can often tell us things we consciously do not know.

When we improve our intuition, or our ability to listen to our intuition, we tend to understand our problems better, and are able to come up with better, more creative solutions.

This reduces our stress levels.

After all, most of our stress is about our challenges in life, and not being able to come up with creative, effective solutions, isn’t it?


You do not need to meditate all day. All you need to begin to get back in touch with your intuition is take at least 3-5 breaks during the day for just 2-5 minutes to do this meditation I will talk about below. This is not a very hard commitment, is it? Later you can increase the time when you feel ready. Do it slow…increasing the time by just one minute every week. Use your timer. 🙂

When you take your mini break, do the following:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. As you breathe in as slowly as you comfortably can, focus your attention on your nostrils and feel the cool air rushing in, and say in your mind as you breathe in, “I am very intuitive”.
  3. When you breathe out slowly, notice the feeling of slightly warmer air on your nostrils, and say in your mind while breathing out, “I am very intuitive”.
  4. Repeat till your 2-5 minutes timer goes off.

And that’s it. That is easy do, and it does not take away tons of time from your very busy day, does it? 🙂

The best way to learn anything is to keep it simple. Because life by itself is simple. We only have a habit of making things complicated. 🙂

Repeat after me: “Life is simple. Life is Easy. I am very intuitive.”

I will post these tips every other day. Come back day after tomorrow for the next tip. 🙂


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