Guardian Angels

Who are your Guardian Angels?

I wish to make this clear right away, that when I say “Guardian Angels”, I mean to include all the high vibration loving non-physical beings who are with you. I do not believe that angels do not incarnate, and only spirit guides do, as I have met incarnate angels on earth. However, my purpose here is not to change your beliefs. The purpose of this article is to introduce these Spirit Helpers to you, so that you can learn to work with them in making your life happier, more peaceful, and more successful. They are with you to help you.

Your guardian angels are a team of invisible beings from the various higher level dimensions, who are with you for the purpose of guiding, loving, and protecting you. They could be from the very high dimensions that we call the angelic realms, or other high vibration dimensions that are between us and the angelic realms. Most people tend to call these being “Spirit Guides”.

I club them all together, because from the time I started working with them, they have made one thing clear to me — It is not the messenger or the labels humans love to put on messengers that is important. It is the message that is important.

Is the message you are getting loving, uplifting, helpful, non-judgemental, does not take sides? Those are the messages that we need to pay attention to.

The number of guardian angels with each person is fluid – it changes from time to time depending on what you need at the moment, but mostly everyone has at least 1-2 guardian angels who are with them from birth to death. So yes, you have them too.

How can they help you?

  1. They are your best friends.
  2. They guide you when you need advice.
  3. They will protect you from dangerous situations when it is not yet time for you to exit this world. They makes sure you will remain safe and alive to complete your lifetime.
  4. They help you heal.
  5. They surround you with love when you feel lonely and need a loving presence.
  6. They help you navigate your life so that you complete your purpose on earth.
  7. They help you meet the right people for accomplishing your mission on earth.
  8. They help you find your romantic partner.
  9. They help you play the game of life well.
  10. They help you ease your process of birth into this world.
  11. When it is time to leave this world, they escort you back home with peace, love & joy.
  12. They help you stay connected to God (whatever name you might have for God).
  13. They can help you in your decision making (but will not make the decision for you).
  14. They help you find joy in life.

Point is, we can go on listing the ways they can help. The ways they help us are endless.

So what’s the catch? How come we are still miserable?

The catch is – they do not interfere with our lives. 1) We need to ask them to help us. 2) And then we need to learn to hear them, so that we can heed their advice, and play this game of life well.

That said – remember, if some not-so-pleasant situation is what we need to help us grow, they will not come between us and the experience. But they can help us by telling us what the purpose of the experience is, and how we can learn the lesson faster, and move through the experience soon.

Do they help with things like telling us the lottery number? No. Because they need to play by the rules of our life here. What if everyone’s guardian angel tells each person the winning number? How will that work? 😀 Plus, how will that help you evolve as a soul?

Learn how you can talk to your angels in my next post:

I will write about a very easy way that you can practice and learn. And I will include a free printable journal page you can use to record your experiences. Come back next week for the new post!

Any questions? Comments?

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