This is a Timeless Reading.

This means, that whenever you are drawn towards this article, and you select a picture, the corresponding message is the message for you for that time. You can even come back later and choose again following the instructions below, and the new selection will show you the message for that time. So you can come here any number of times and choose…as long as there is a gap of at least a week between the visits.


This is a great way to improve your own intuition, and also get a message from the Angels for you.

1. Clear your mind of other distractions.
2. Look at the image above and pick one you REALLY FEEL DRAWN TOWARDS.
3. Write below in the comments which one you picked: A, B, or C. You can also write the date so that when you come and choose another time, you can date that too and see if things are changing.

Your Angel Message:

If you chose A:

Angel of Clearing has appeared in your reading today. She says that you need to let go of anything, anyone, any situation, any place or job that is stopping you from having a brighter future. Some things/people/situations are here in our lives for some time only. And after we have experienced what we needed to experience, then we need to move on. Also, if a situation or person is hurting you, your sense of peace, you need to be brave in letting go of it all. It could be also be an outmoded belief system, or emotional/behavioral pattern that might be stopping you from a more joyful life. On deeper levels you have actually wanted to move on, but you have found it tough to move on. You know what you need to let go. Often it is hard to let go of something so familiar, but it is time to let go of the old, and allow the new in.

If you chose B:

The angels acknowledge all your work you have done so far to serve and help this world. And they are saying it is time you took things to a higher level now. You have the capacity to reach a much wider audience. You are here to serve a big purpose. Trust your guides and angels. They will guide you in the right direction. You do not need to feel afraid or nervous over this. They will be with you in every step of the way to fulfill your mission on earth. You are being asked to think bigger. When you follow your inner guidance in making your work bigger, you will serve much more efficiently, will be much more successful in your work, and will have a greater feeling of fulfillment.

If you chose C:

The angels are here to tell you that there is a huge possibility that you will do very well financially really soon. You might get a raise, win money, or receive abundance in some other form. And this is happening because of your faith in the Divine Power within you, and because you have been very sincere in your work. And you can make this possibility even stronger by changing your inner talk to one that believes in abundance and not in lack. Whatever your deeply held belief is about your state of finances is what will show up in your world. So while the energy is such at this time that there is a good chance of receiving wealth, you can really strengthen that by strengthening your belief within that you are already wealthy. You can do so by focusing on all that you already have, and feeling gratitude for it. 

I will be posting more Angel Readings of this kind so that it helps you improve your own intuition.

Much love,

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