by Melissa Richardson


What is Bullying:
Bullying involves repeated acts of physical, emotional, or social behavior that are intentional, controlling, and hurtful. Bullying is a learned behavior, evident as early as 2 years of age.

* Bullying is defined by a power imbalance between the bully and the target.

* A bully’s power can be derived from physical size, strength, verbal skill, popularity, or gender.

* A bully’s target feels tormented, helpless, and defenseless.

What to do:
** If you think your child is being bullied talk with your child and believe them.

** Discuss how being bullied is not their fault and that they don’t have to face it alone.

** Collect as much information as possible about the situation.

** Teach your child to not react, but be assertive and walk away or get help if needed.

** Tell your child to report bullying immediately to a trusted adult.

** Contact the school, teacher, or counselor. (STAY CALM ALWAYS)


What is Cyber-bullying:
When kids bully each other using the Internet, mobile phones, or other cyber technology.

* Sending mean or vicious text, e-mail, or instant messages (IM/PM).

* Posting hateful pictures or messages about others in chat rooms, on bulletin boards, on blogs, or on Web sites.

* Using someone else’s user name to spread rumors or lies about someone.

What to do:
** Report any threats of serious bodily harm or death threats to law enforcement IMMEDIATELY.

** Use monitoring software to record all communications including IM/Pms.

** Identify the bully, if possible. Notify the bully’s parents, school, or anyone effective in stopping the attacks.

** Contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most cyber-bullying violates the terms of service. Forward any correspondence to them. They can shut down the bully’s account.


If Your Child Is Physically Assaulted:
Physically pushing, hitting, or otherwise attacking.

* Talk to teachers and the school principal IMMEDIATELY!

* Take photos of any injuries, and have your child write down a detailed description of what happened.

* Call the Police right away if there is a physical assault of any type. This is hitting, kicking, slapping, tripping, and hair-pulling.

* Talk to a Lawyer if your child has been physically assaulted by another student. (Local Attorney, Attorneys who sue public school districts or concentrate in personal injury lawsuits, may be best suited for you.)

Questions For Your Attorney:
* What should I do if my child is teased because of race color?

* What if my child is subject to vicious rumors at school? Is it a crime or the basis for a lawsuit?

* Can I write a letter to my child’s school Principal to let them know I am serious about wanting the school to stop bullying against my child?

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Author Information:
Payton11081615_1061056197255126_74966508_nI am, Melissa Richardson, mother of 12 year old Payton Ruth Anne Richardson, bullycide 2012, from New Auburn, Wisconsin.

I now run an Anti Bully Campaign in her honor and we are “Payton’s Pledge to Stop the Bullying”, on most all social media sites. My mission in life now as Payton, was my one and only child; is to make a positive change from her tragedy in hopes that we can save many children from this growing epidemic that is creeping into our communities. I speak at many community based events, school programs, and youth groups about bullying, being an up-stander, telling Payton’s Bully Biography, and have everyone participating take Payton’s Anti Bully Pledge.

I am also working to pass the first Wisconsin cyber bully bill, “Payton’s Law”, we have passed the House of Representatives unanimously and now await the Senate Floor.

Please share this important information. And if you have any more ideas on how to deal with bullying, please add your comments.

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