They say the people who exhibit the most kindness have experienced a lot of pain. The ones who act like they don’t need love are the ones that need it more. The ones who take care of everyone else’s needs are the ones who need it most. And the people who smile a lot may be the ones who cry when no one is around.

Are you one of these people?

You have a huge heart, and you only want to see the best for others. In fact, seeing others happy makes you happy. You spend a lot of time listening to their stories. Their successes and their failures. You are there to congratulate them when they are doing great, and you are there to hold their hand when things are rough for them.

You truly DO care.

My question is…do you care for yourself as much?

Do you know what you love (apart from seeing others happy)? Do you know what would light up your heart even if you are not being a cheerleader to someone else?

Often people who spend their lives being there for others find out that they have actually abandoned themselves. And often when they look around, they see that most people around them only want to talk about themselves.

Do you find yourself in these words above?

If your answer is yes, please do continue being there for others, but take time to make friends with yourself again too. Take time to know yourself again. What do you like? What makes your heart sing? Do things for yourself that you would do for someone you love. Do things for yourself that you wished deep in your heart that someone else did for you.

When you start taking care of yourself and start valuing yourself and your own time, you will realize that slowly but surely you are beginning to attract people in your life who care for you too.

Caring should be a two-way street. If you only keep giving, soon you will be left feeling empty…and maybe even resentful.

Start making friends with yourself again. Today.

Much love,

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