Archangel Gabriel

Let me tell you a beautiful story about Archangel Gabriel & Archangel Uriel.

Many years back I used to have an online friend in Australia. I met him in an online forum, and we enjoyed talking with each other because we both loved angels. We started chatting on Yahoo Messenger often, and after a few days we noticed that he would automatically start channeling angels. He said that was strange because this never happened in any other circumstance…he seemed to suddenly start typing their messages directly in the middle of our chats.

I felt really blessed.

We didn’t talk about any big heavy topics. I talked to them as I would talk to my best friends, about anything and everything.

One day, when he started channeling angels again, Archangel Gabriel came through and let me know he was there. Here is a part of the conversation:

Me: Archangel Gabriel, I have a book. It has a beautiful picture of Archangel Uriel. Anytime I see that artwork, I wish I could hug him!

AA Gabriel (through my friend): It is a big book with a white cover, isn’t it?

Me: Yes! How did you know? (I know, stupid question…)

AA Gabriel: Yes, page 36… 🙂

Me (baffled, looking into the book): Yes! Page 36!! How did you know??? (yes, another stupid question…but even today I think it is soooo cooool that he knew exactly which book, and which page! And remember, I live in the USA, this friend was in Australia, we were typing and chatting…and he had no clue what books I had.)

AA Gabriel: You want to be hugged by Archangel Uriel?

Me: Yes! 😀 😀 😀

AA Gabriel: Close your eyes…

I closed my eyes and waited a few seconds…and was suddenly taken over by a WHOOOOOSH of overwhelming feeling of being loved unconditionally. I felt that energy come from the back and envelop me…like someone huge & loving came and hugged me from behind, enveloping me with tons and tons of love.

I was so surprised that I couldn’t say anything for a few seconds…I just stared at the computer monitor (used to have desktops those days).

And before I could react…this is what I saw on my screen:

AA Gabriel: Yes…that was Archangel Uriel.

I treasure this experience…

It feels lovely to just know we have friends in the spirit realm who love us unconditionally, and who we can talk to about anything, without feeling judged.

And I’m not the only one who has them in my life. You have them with you too.

What does AA Gabriel help with:

While he can help with just about anything you need help with, these are some topics most people ask Archangel Gabriel to help them with.

  1. Artistic work
  2. Communication, writing, publication
  3. Fertility
  4. Motherhood
  5. Caretaking & teaching children
  6. Adoptions
  7. Pregnancy & childbirth
  8. Clarity (of purpose, insights, thought etc)
  9. To help move forward when you feel stuck
  10. To help solve problems in meditation (after going into meditation, have a conversation with AA Gabriel just like you would with your coach/mentor/teacher/wise friend)
  11. To help solve problems in dream state (ask your question just before you sleep, and you will either remember the answer from your dream, or you will just “happen” to think of the answer through your day)

I have received clarity and solutions to problems very clearly when I talk with Archangel Gabriel. I am absolutely sure all angels help us do that. But for some reason when I feel totally stuck and confused with a problem, I have a chat with AA Gabriel, and he speaks in very clear and to the point way. Personally I do better with direct communication during meditation than dream state questions. However, I know many get great solutions through dreams.

How to know when AA Gabriel is around:

  1. If you call him, know that he is there 🙂
  2. I see big bright white flashes of light
  3. Flashes of Copper like color or liking the metal Copper.

I have personally not seen Copper colored light when AA Gabriel is around. I see white flashes of light – like the flashgun of a camera going off. But most of all, I just have this clear knowing when he is there. There is no mistaking. Right now as I write this, I know his presence as a focused gaze on me. It is such a focused and powerful gaze, even if I want to, I cannot mistake it. 🙂

Also, I LOVE jewelry made with Copper. I used to make jewelry, and loved making them with silver and copper. Here are some Copper pieces I had made (I’m sure with Gabriel’s help):




How to converse with AA Gabriel:

This is the same set of steps I gave in my blog about Archangel Michael. It is simple and straight forward, and the more you practice the same steps, the better it gets.

Read it first and then do it. If you are unable to communicate with him at first, keep practicing, and you will definitely be able to communicate.

1. Sit or lie down and be really comfortable.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Express your intent to be able to communicate with Archangel Gabriel. It is as simple as saying in your mind, “Archangel Gabriel I wish to communicate with you. Please help”.
4. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes till you feel relaxed. Remember that relaxation of the mind and body is absolutely essential in being able to do this.
5. Count backwards in your mind from 100 to 0. Do this slowly. This helps you relax further.
6. Now breathe in the rainbow colors slowly, one by one, starting with Red, and ending with Violet.This helps you raise your vibration, which is useful in communicating with Spirit Beings of high vibration.
7. Imagine breathing in Red for a few seconds.
8. Next, imagine breathing in Orange for a few seconds.
9. Next, imagine breathing in Yellow for a few seconds.
10. Next, imagine breathing in Emerald Green for a few seconds.
11. Next, imagine breathing in light Blue for a few seconds.
12. Next, imagine breathing in Indigo for a few seconds.
13.  Next, imagine breathing in Violet for a few seconds.
14. Now wait a few seconds, imagining the color Violet filling and surrounding you.
15. After that imagine breathing in the energy and color of the purest Gold. Fill & surround yourself with the color & energy of Gold. Stay in this energy for a few seconds, just taking it in.
16. Now call Archangel Gabriel in your mind. Request him to come and speak with you.
17. You will either see his presence in your mind, or feel his presence, or somehow just know that he is there.
18. Begin with talking simple things with him. His replies will at first feel like your own thoughts. Or you might see images that communicate what he wants to say. Do not stress over it – this is important. Stressing or trying too hard will be counter-productive. If at first you feel you do not hear anything, start by making up a conversation. Ask a question, and answer it yourself as if he is replying. Very soon you will realize that you are not making up the replies any more. The answers are such that will feel very different from your own thoughts. If you have never communicated with Angels or Spirit before, make sure that you practice enough. With enough practice, you will not even have to do these steps later on. You will realize that you get a reply as soon as you ask.

Talk to him like you would with a very good friend. Get to know him for yourself. :)

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