A real friendship will give you that sense of “belongingness.” When you think the world has abandoned you, there’s that someone who helps you see your worth and makes you feel that you always matter to them. — Dodinsky

Do you have a friend who makes you feel you belong? Someone who helps you see you are worthy, and makes you feel you matter to them? Share this with them, and show them your appreciation.

Are you a friend like this to others?

While the world is heading more and more towards being individualistic, we find ourselves more and more lonely. Humans are gregarious beings. We thrive in company, in companionship, in supportive communities. This shift towards extreme individualism often leaves us feeling alone, unsupported, unloved.

It is great to be independent, and to have the ability to enjoy one’s own company. It is great to have solitude sometimes. It is healing to have “me-time”.

But everything needs a balance. And we often forget this.

If you are feeling lonely today, reach out to someone. Call someone. Write to me here, and I will always respond to your comments.

A great way to not feel lonely is to help another person not feel lonely. Who do you think would benefit from your time and attention today? Reach out to them. And you will see that in the process you feel a lot better too.

Much love,

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