Most of us do this.

We go to bed and then worry about everything we can remember. Or we have mental conversations with people where we are arguing with them and “putting them in place”. Or we imagine the worst possible things.

And the next day we wake up to live the same life we have been living, one that gives us enough things to worry about.

Why is life not changing for the better?

One of the biggest reasons is what I mentioned above.

The time just before we go to sleep is powerful.

That is the time when our subconscious mind is most accessible to programming. It is our subconscious mind that creates our lives. Our conscious mind fills the subconscious with information, and the subconscious mind creates accordingly.

The subconscious does not judge. It will not stop to wonder if this will cause you happiness or sadness. It follows the instructions that the conscious mind gives it.

What we think of at night before we sleep has a HUGE impact on what we experience as “Life”.

Basically, whatever you focus on with FEELING is what your subconscious mind will take as “instructions on what you want to experience more in life”.

If you think of sad things before you sleep, your subconscious will create experiences for you to feel sadder.

If you think of positive things before you sleep, you will start to see that your life starts changing towards better.

Do THIS before you sleep:

  1. Think back of the day that has passed.
  2. Now re-write each incident that you did not like, and imagine it exactly as you would have liked it. For example, you had a fight with someone and you are upset about it. Imagine yourself in that scene, in the moments just before meeting that person. After that imagine having a very pleasant conversation, just the way you would have liked it.
  3. Similarly, re-live the entire day as if you are remembering it, but imagine the entire day as if it went exactly as you would have liked it to be.
  4. Make your imagination as real as possible. If you are good at visualizing, then visualize, but make sure you see yourself in the FIRST PERSON. Which means you do not see your face. All you can see of yourself is your hands, arms, front of the body, part of your nose, the way you would normally see yourself in your daily life.
  5. If you are not good with visualization, then just think about the day in the way you normally do, re-writing the entire day.
  6. Make sure by the end of the thinking about the day, you feel really satisfied and happy about how you lived your day.
  7. Think to yourself, “What a beautiful day it was!”. And repeat this sentence in your mind slowly with feeling till you get drowsy and fall asleep.
  8. Do this every night for at least 30 days and see how you feel. Do not stop after 30 days. Do this every night.

Your life will keep getting better and better because you are putting your focus on beautiful things, and your subconscious does not know the difference between what “really” happened and what happened in your imagination. You will program your subconscious very powerfully this way into creating a beautiful life for yourself.

A GREAT book to read to understand this is, “Feeling Is The Secret” by Neville Goddard. Click on the name of the book to read it for free. Read it a few times to understand it well. Keep what you like, and forget what you don’t like. This applies to anything you hear or read. Instead of throwing out all information just because you might not like some parts, remember to keep with you what you like, and forget what you don’t like.

FEELING IS THE SECRET by Neville Goddard.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on how to use your subconscious mind to create a beautiful life, and manifest whatever you want in life.

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